Fellow Testimonials

The following testimonials submitted by Alumni Fellows provide an insight into the scope of the Canon Foundation over the years. If you are an Alumni Fellow and would like to feature on this page, please send your testimonial along with a recent photograph of yourself to us at email.


Wulan Remmelink

My year abroad in Japan, made possible by the Canon Foundation, allowed me to fully immerse myself in research and move forward. There was never a dull moment during my year...


Takashi Yamada

The days I spent as a Canon Foundation Research Fellow in France was not only a valuable experience but also an eye-opener to me...


Joseph Lee

My six-month Canon fellowship at the University of Tokyo was a tremendous experience. I learnt a lot about the Japanese legal environment, the structure of Japanese business organisations, and Japanese culture...


Asami Oguro-Ando

I have spent one year as a Canon foundation Fellow at the UMC Utrecht and I was working on Autism research there...


Laura Cutando-Ruiz


Ramūnas Motiekaitis

If one has a scholars' mind, this mind is restless. After completing doctoral studies new problems and question which we are eager to answer arise...


Yumi Notohara

[My] research project [focused] on the Finnish composer Errki Aaltonen's (1910-90) second symphony, "Hiroshima" (hereafter "Hiroshima Symphony")...


Hiro Ishimatsu

The Canon Foundation Fellowship will surely make your dreams come true. Thanks to this Fellowship, I had a great opportunity of a research stay at Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the EUI and had a number of exciting experiences and inspiring talks with outstanding academics whilst enjoying the best historical views of Florence...


Sho Tsuji

Being able to conduct my experiments at Riken was a great experience. The technical know-how of the lab members helped me tremendously with setting up my experiment, and I was able to take parts of the set-up with me to my new lab...