Or Cohen-Sasson 

Host institute: Tokyo Campus of Tsukuba University

Research theme: Patent Law at the Age of Big Data

Or Cohen-Sasson

My name is Or Cohen-Sasson, I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, Israel. I recently completed my Canon Foundation’s Research Fellowship at the Tokyo Campus of Tsukuba University. I had the privilege of working alongside Prof. Hisao Shiomi from the Faculty of Business Sciences. 

My experience as a research fellow was genuinely remarkable. The support I received, both professionally and financially, was truly invaluable. It played a crucial role in enabling me to successfully complete my research projects and expand my academic network. With the assistance provided, I was able to focus on exploring the intriguing intersection of Patent Law and Big Data. Moreover, my visit to Japan equipped me with the necessary resources to make substantial progress in my research endeavors. 

I am confident that my time in Tokyo, coupled with the research I conducted there, significantly enhanced my prospects of achieving my ultimate career aspiration as a leading law and technology researcher in a prestigious institution. 

I am immensely grateful to the Canon Foundation, Tsukuba University, and Prof. Shiomi for affording me this extraordinary opportunity, which was highly constructive in my academic journey.