Introducing the 2023 Fellows


Dr. Rossana Ducato

From: University of Aberdeen, School of Law, Scotland, UK 

To: Waseda University, Dept. Law, Tokyo, Japan 

Host: Prof. Tatsuhiro Ueno 

Research field: Law: The Law of Text and Data Mining: A Comparative Study of the UK, EU, and Japanese Systems

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Ms. Maria Salvador Cabrerizo

From: Harvard University, Cambridge, USA 

To: Waseda University, Fac. Arts, Letters and Sciences, Tokyo, Japan 

Host: Prof. Satomi Yamamoto 

Research field: Art: Medieval Japanese Art History. An Eco-critical Approach to the Art of the Kasuga Cult in Nara, Japan

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Ms. Ana Cristina Maia-Fernandes

From: University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal 

To: RIKEN Center for Brain Science (RIKEN CBS) Wako, Japan 

Host: Prof. Ryoichiro Kageyama 

Research field: Biosciences: Modulating Gene Expression Oscillations: Towards Temporal Control of Stem Cell Differentiation

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Mr. Morten E. Jelby

From: Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France 

To: Kyoto University, Dept. Philosophy of Religion, Kyoto, Japan 

Host: Prof. Yasuhiko Sugimura 

Research field: Philosophy, phenomenology: Nishitani Keiji’s a-subjective phenomenology of suchness and being-in-the-world

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Dr. Cécile Sarabian

From: University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

To: Nagoya University, Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences, Nagoya,Japan 

Host: Prof. Nobuyuki Kawai 

Research field: Psychology: Frightening, disgusting or nothing: Did primates evolve cognitive and physiological responses to a major natural reservoir of infectious disease (BATS)?

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Dr. María Santolaria-Otín

From: Universitat de Barcelona, Spain 

To: University of Tokyo, RCAST/Dept. Climate Science Research, Tokyo, Japan 

Host: Prof. Hisashi Nakamura 

Research field: Geosciences: Barotropic Rossby waves linkinG Arctic sea-Ice Decline with Eurasian climate - BRIDGE

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Mr. Raül Pérez i Gonzalo

From: Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica industrial, CSIC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain 

To: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan 

Host: Prof. Edgar Simo-Serra 

Research field: Computer Science: Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence. End-to-end learning for Wind Turbine blades: From imagery data to defect repair recommendations

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Ms. Eléonore Komai

From: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 

To: Waseda University, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Tokyo, Japan 

Host: Prof Gracia Liu-Farrer 

Research field: Politics and International Relations: Skill-selective migration policies: labor migration and the dynamics of skill construction in Japan

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Dr. Michiko Yamashita

From: Osaka University, Japan 

To: Max-Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin and University hospital Jena, Germany 

Hosts: PD Dr. rer. nat. Florian Herse and Prof. Dr. Udo Markert 

Research field: Medicine: Dynamism of placenta as a potential therapeutic target for foetal growth restriction

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Mr. Julian Hinz

From: Max Planck Institute For Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg, Germany 

To: Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, Japan 

Host: Prof. Maki Saito 

Research field: Law: Capital Market Regulation; Investor Protection in Japan. Benefits, Risks and Regulation of Financial Intermediation

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Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshihara

From: Nagoya City University, Japan 

To: University of Warwick, Dept. Obstetrics & Gynecology, UK 

Host: Prof. Jan Brosens 

Research field: Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Recurrent miscarriage

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Mr. Hirotaka Fujibayashi (Co-sponsored Fellowship with the European University Institute)

From Grad. Inst. of Int. and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland 

To: European University Institute, Robert Schumann Centre, San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy 

Research field: International Relations and Comparative Politics: Refugee and Asylum Policy, Migration Studies

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Dr. Tojotanjona Razanaparany (Japan-Africa Exchange Programme with Kyoto University)

From University of Antananarivo, Madagascar 

To: Kyoto University, Japan 

Research field: Anthropology: Why did primates evolved their activity patterns from nocturnal to diurnal? Implication from the ecological determinant of cathemeral activity pattern in brown lemurs in northwestern Madagascar

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Dr. Georgina Seera (Japan-Africa Exchange Programme with Kyoto University)

From Kyoto University, Japan 

To: Center for African Studies, Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi, Mpigi, Uganda AND Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda 

Research field: Other Social Sciences: Consolidating the production of nutrient-dense foods for the prevention of obesity in Uganda: Opportunities in the practices of farmers with limited access to fertilizers, pesticides, and improved seeds

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Prof. Antoine Socpa (Japan-Africa Exchange Programme with Kyoto University)

From: University of Yaoundé I, Department of Anthropology & Centre for Applied Social Sciences Research and Training (CASS-RT), Cameroon 

To: Kyoto University, Japan 

Research field: Social sciences: Social Anthropology. Copying survival strategies of migrants and refugees in Cameroon. Comparison of “Anglo- Bamileke" migrants and Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon: Between social protection and entrepreneurial responses