Welcome to the Canon Foundation in Europe

We are a philanthropic, grant-making institution, active in the promotion of international culture and scientific relations between Europe and Japan.

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    Our objective is the science, culture, know-how and mutual understanding between Europe and Japan

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    We grant up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers in all fields

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    Grants are established at the discretion of the Foundation and based upon the nature of the project. Click here to register

  • Alumni Fellows

    Testimonials from Past Fellows

    • lorenzo-marinucci

      Lorenzo MARINUCCI

      Host institute: Kyoto University, Japan

      My project for this year, 2020 is a philosophical investigation of scent in Japanese culture. I arrived in Japan from Italy a few days before the border closed...

    • Risa DOMOTO

      Host institute: Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences, UK

      A year I spent as a Canon Foundation Research Fellow at University of Strathclyde was great and fruitful for me. I, as a Ph.D. student, wanted to understand how European researchers achieved scientific discovery/innovation...

    • Elise VOYAU

      Host Institute: Waseda University, Japan

      The six months I spent in Waseda University thanks to the Canon Foundation Fellowship was a wonderful experience. Being a PhD Student in Inalco, Paris, I was accepted as a research fellow in Waseda University under the supervision of Professor Hashimoto Kazumichi...

    • Ryosei TANIGUCHI

      Host institute: University Paris 1

      I spent wonderful days at the Centre of the 19th Century Historical Researches, the University Paris 1 as a Canon Foundation Research Fellow. I did not only my own research on French modern parliamentary history...

    • Chris ADENYO

      Host institute: Kyoto University, Japan

      My name is Christopher Adenyo and I am currently a Research Fellow at the University of Ghana. My field of specialization is Animal Genetics. I had my PhD from Kyoto University in 2014 and I continued to collaborate...

    • Oliver WHITE

      Host institute: Waseda University

      I spent a rewarding year affiliated to Waseda University in Tokyo thanks to the generosity of the Canon Foundation in Europe. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the support of Canon Foundation...

    • Sho Tsuji

      Host institute: Rikagaku Kenkyusho - Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan

      Being able to conduct my experiments at Riken was a great experience. The technical know-how of the lab members helped me tremendously with setting up my experiment, and I was able to take parts of the set-up with me to my new lab. Everyone in the lab was very supportive. Administratively, everything went smooth and without any problem, and whenever I had a problem it was easy to find someone who would help me. The only that was lacking for me was informal opportunities to discuss the content of my research, since most lab members were focusing on their own projects without allowing much time to discuss each other’s work outside of the formal lab meeting contexts. I will definitely continue collaborating with my host on this project. After a few years in Europe and/or the USA, it is also a possibility to return to my host lab in Japan for another project. We have discussed this possibility before I left and will take it up again in a few years.

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