Organisational Structure

Board of Directors

The Foundation is represented by its Board. Without prejudice to its own responsibility, the Board is authorised to appoint persons with such authority to represent the Foundation and - by granting of power of attorney - conferring such titles and powers as determined by the Board. It decides on all matters concerning the Foundation.
Members of the Board of Directors:

    Jan-Ton Prinsze , Chairman
    Sabine Zimmer
    José Ignacio Rodrigo Fernandez , Treasurer and Secretary

Executive Committee

The Foundation has an Executive Committee with the task to annually draw up an activity plan and a corresponding budget. The Executive Committee advises the Board of Directors concerning strategy decisions.

The Executive Committee may in addition adopt internal rules regulating its decision-making process. All decisions and rules of the Executive Committee require the approval of the Board. The Executive Committee is charged with all actions resulting therefrom.
Members of the Executive Committee:

    Andrew Fisher
    Axel Berkofsky
    Lucia Dolce
    Dermot Moran (Chairman)
    Seigo Shima
    Wilhelm Schwaeble

Selection Committee

The Executive Committee chooses out of its members a Selection Committee, consisting of at least four members. The Selection Committee elects its own chairman.