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Beyond Japan is an interdisciplinary podcast which invites you to take a look at the broad reach of Japan Studies both within and beyond Japan.

Research Fellows are expected to arrange their own accommodation, visa arrangements etc. Here we give some links to facilitate these practical matters.

An international student housing platform where students who are leaving their city for a few months (exchange program or internship) can rent out their rooms and incoming students can easily find a room.

A crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices plus other statistics to help calculate your cost estimate in a particular country.

Where people can list, find and rent short and mid-term lodging in Europe and Japan.

Information on visa by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The site provides information on Japan across many different genres including culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature.

European Cultural Foundation

They initiate and support cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe because culture inspires, empowers and engages people to create democratic societies.

EurAsiaBridge is a unique consultancy founded by a Canon Fellow, delivering professional research and advice on Europe - East Asia business and political relations.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Awards programme includes awards for individual excellence, research and innovation, scholarships, travel awards, prizes and competitions.

Site of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by the Federal Republic of Germany for the promotion of international research co-operation. It enables highly qualified scholars not resident in Germany to spend extended periods of research in Germany and promotes the ensuing academic contacts.

International Institute for Asian Studies.

The Foreign Press Center/Japan (FPCJ) is an independent, private and non-profit foundation supporting members of the foreign press in their work in Japan by helping them to overcome such barriers as differences in customs and language and to get "accurate information, gathered quickly and without waste." In addition to supporting the professional activities of the foreign press, the FPC are very much interested in helping researchers and students of Japanese Studies to gain objective information on current trends and opinions in Japan, through up-to-date communications on current topics followed by summaries of major Japanese newspapers' editorials.

Based in Paris, the Fondation France-Japan (EHESS's) mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote intellectual exchange between Japan and France. Together with their partners, public and private, French and Japanese, they hope to participate in the development of Franco-Japanese research.

The Japanese-German Center Berlin (Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin JDZB) is dedicated to its work in German-Japanese and international exchange. The Center organizes specialists’ conferences, cultural events, language courses, exchange programs, a library and regular house publications. The aim of the Center being to promote and deepen Japanese-German and international cooperation in the fields of science and culture and its connection to economic life.